My case needs a life care what?

My case needs a life care plan, now what? This webinar is designed to help attorneys and legal professionals quickly identify when their case needs a life care plan, how to find a life care planner and expert witness appropriate for the case, and what to expect during the process.  Life care planning expert, Cynthia Bourbeau, will discuss the framework of a life care plan within the following areas:

  • What to look for in your Nurse life Care Planner
    • Certification
      • CNLCP®
    • Experience (Finding your ACE)
      • Applied rehabilitation experience
      • Comprehensive Medical Background
      • Expert Witness
    • Organizational Capacity
      • Established planners and professional services team
      • Plans used by clients
      • Timely and responsive service
  • Understanding the case
  • Identifying the right solutions for your case
  • The roles and responsibilities of the Life Care Planner
  • Getting started and what to expect
    • Case Consultations
    • Setting case expectations
    • Assuring that there’s not a conflict of interest
    • Contracts & Payment Terms
    • Secure sharing of medical records and case documentation
    • Work product, deliverables, and communication


Cynthia Bourbeau, President and Founder of Medical and Life Care Consulting Services, Inc. (MLCC)

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