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My case needs a Life Care Plan, now what?

This webinar is designed to help attorneys and legal professionals quickly identify  how to find a life care planner and expert witness appropriate for the case, the best product or solution, and what to expect during the process.

Medicare Set-Aside: Understanding the process and requirements to adequately allocate for the future

This webinar reviews the Medicare Set-Aside Payer Act, explains the Medicare Set Aside process, and discusses the varying types of MSA administration.

This webinar discusses:

  • The Medicare Secondary Payer Act
  • The Medicare Set-Aside process and requirements in settlements
  • Alternatives to the MSA
  • And MSA Administration

The real cost of care: Making the case for a Life Care Plan

‘The Real Cost of Care: Making the case for a Life Care Plan’ sharing the framework of life care planning in the following areas:

  • Understanding the injury and medical treatment to date
  • Fully uncovering the present status of your claimant and implications for your case
  • Treatment recommendations and estimated future expenses
  • Cost beyond direct medical care, the real cost of care

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