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On-Demand Webinars

Medical Chart Review & Chronologies: Get the Full Story

Medical and Life Care Consulting hosts a complimentary webinar presentation ‘Medical Chart Reviews & Chronologies: Get the full story’. This 50-minute webinar is a great resource for paralegals and attorneys eager to learn more about compiling medical chart reviews and chronologies, how to translate records into a clear story, and how to identify red flags.

Join April Pettengill, RN, Certified Nurse Life Care Planner, and Certified Medicare Set Aside Consultant as she shares best practices for gathering, organizing, and understanding the information revealed when completing a Medical Chart Review & Chronology.

Supporting workers through Post-Coronavirus (COVID-19) Recovery

Medical and Life Care Consulting, in collaboration with Professional Physical Therapy (ProPT), host a complimentary webinar presentation on the positive impacts of Post-COVID Reconditioning including post-COVID signs, symptoms, and strategies to support your employees or patients recovering from COVID-19 and their return to work.

Join Nicole McManus, Regional Director of Operations and Physical Therapist at Professional Physical Therapy, Sara Wilczek, Director and Exercise Physiologist at Trilogy (Medically Oriented Gym), and Host Cynthia Bourbeau, Founder and President of Medical and Life Care Consulting and Nurse Rehabilitation Expert, as they present  Supporting workers through Post-Coronavirus (COVID-19) Recovery’.

The Rehabilitation Continuum: Working with a vocational consultant within your medico-legal case

Medical and Life Care Consulting, in collaboration with CRC Services, LLC, host a complimentary webinar presentation on vocational consulting. Join us as CRC Services, LLC, consultants, Kerry Skillin and Erin Bailey, present ‘The Rehabilitation Continuum: Working with a vocational consultant within your medico-legal case.’ This webinar is designed to help legal professionals understand the role of the vocational consultant within cases addressing employment and wages.

Home Health Explored: Determining the right home health solutions

‘Home Health Explored: Determining the right home health solutions’ is designed to help health care professionals, nurses, attorneys, and legal professionals understand the varying home health options, the impact of state requirements, and how to determine the appropriate home health solution for the claimant.

My case needs a Life Care Plan, now what?

This webinar is designed to help attorneys and legal professionals quickly identify  how to find a life care planner and expert witness appropriate for the case, the best product or solution, and what to expect during the process.

Medicare Set-Aside: Understanding the process and requirements to adequately allocate for the future

This webinar reviews the Medicare Set-Aside Payer Act, explains the Medicare Set Aside process, and discusses the varying types of MSA administration.

This webinar discusses:

  • The Medicare Secondary Payer Act
  • The Medicare Set-Aside process and requirements in settlements
  • Alternatives to the MSA
  • And MSA Administration

The real cost of care: Making the case for a Life Care Plan

‘The Real Cost of Care: Making the case for a Life Care Plan’ sharing the framework of life care planning in the following areas:

  • Understanding the injury and medical treatment to date
  • Fully uncovering the present status of your claimant and implications for your case
  • Treatment recommendations and estimated future expenses
  • Cost beyond direct medical care, the real cost of care

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Medical and Life Care Consulting Medical Chart Reviews
Documentary evidence is a critical component of all litigious matters. Thinking specifically about retrospective chart reviews, also known as a medical record review, a thorough understanding of the information within medical records can make or break a case. In this month's INSIGHTS article, we explore medical chart reviews and chronologies ...
Making the case for Employee Health & Wellness
Employers nationwide are paying close attention to the need for wellness programs and benefits. Historically, one of the main drawbacks to providing wellness benefits is that it costs money, and the return on that investment isn’t always clear-cut. However, as the labor market continues to fluctuate and health care costs continue ...
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