Medico-legal Services

At Medical and Life Care Consulting our certified rehabilitation nursing professionals and life care planning experts can bring over 75 years of combined experience to your medico-legal case.

We understand the complexities of rehabilitation and approach each case with a laser focused attention on the needs of your client.

We provide Life Care Planning, Medical Chart Review and Chronologies, Legal Nurse Consulting, Medicare Set-Aside Allocations, Medical or Life Plan Cost Projections, Focused Estimates of Care, and Case Management.

Comprehensive Life Care Plans

When working with people facing life-changing and catastrophic injuries or illness, you need a comprehensive life care plan you can count on. Our professionals are experts in preparing and critiquing evidence-based life care plans to meet an individual’s long-term health and wellness needs.

Life Care Plan Projection

If you need to determine the appropriate reserves for patient care, our qualified and experienced professionals have the expertise required to prepare an accurate and timely Life Care Plan Projection or Medical Cost Projection based on treatment to date by a review of medical records, billing history, and medication use history.

Medical Chart Review & Chronologies

Our medical chart review services include a review of treatment to date or evaluation of care given to a patient over a specific period of time. We can help you measure the quality of care and develop improvement initiatives. Our nurses understand the standard pathways of care used to treat specific problems.

Focused Estimates of Care

At times you simply need identification of the average cost of care for a single item or procedure. Our Focused Estimates of Care provide just that, an evidence-based evaluation provided by experts you can trust.

Medicare Set-Aside Allocation

We deliver best practices with a legal and clinical approach for formulating Medicare Set-Aside Allocations (MSA) to remain compliant with the Medicare Secondary Payer Compliance challenges. We provide MSA’s for workers’ compensation, liability, and no-fault settlements. MSAs can be formulated in conjunction with your life care plan for settlement or individually.

Special Needs Forecast & Care Management

As rehabilitation experts, our Special Needs Forecast and Care Management leverages our medico-legal and case management expertise to provide tailored solutions for families and fiduciaries requiring long-term care plans and care management for individuals with special needs.

Legal Nurse Consulting

When working within medical litigation, you need a professional with medical experience you can rely on. Our legal nurse consultants bring invaluable expertise to your case assisting in interpreting records and charts, understanding medical terminology and providing ongoing consultation on healthcare-related topics.

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