Medical Chart Review

Our nurses are experienced in the care of patients and thoroughly understand the standard pathways of care used to treat specific problems. They can assist with your medical chart review needs, whether for a review of treatment to date or to evaluate care given to a patient over a specific period.

We can review medical records for medical necessity or authorizations and make recommendations for things like length of stay, medications/treatments, procedures, physical therapy and other medical care and treatment.

File review services are used by insurance companies and attorney groups when they need to:

  • Confirm standards of practice are met and well-documented
  • Measure quality of care
  • Develop quality of care improvement initiatives
  • Detail all medical records for case review

Medical Chronologies

Medical chronologies are a chronological summary of all medical records from date of injury to the present. They are used by attorneys for litigation to thoroughly outline medical care and treatment of a client from date of injury or illness until trial or mediation occurs. Outlining the pertinent treatment in your case can be critical in achieving successful outcomes and meeting your objectives.

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